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Opening of engineering work facility in Hidd

December 2, 2014

SULTAN, a specialist contractor, has opened a new workshop onsite Bahrain-based ship and rig repair yard ASRY. The workshop, which cost $1 million to build, will provide repair and engineering services pertaining to refrigeration, air-conditioning, mechanical, electrical and plumbing and electromechanical works on-board vessels. It is the latest step in Project Jupiter, an ongoing initiative by ASRY aimed at making it the leading yard in the region for onsite specialist contractors.

The welcome speech was given by Mr Shams Ali Hasan, company director and group board member. Mr Shams highlighted SULTAN's origin as well its long history and its consistant growth to-date. He welcomed the delegates to the event which included Mr Nils Kristian Berge (chief guest) - ASRY Chief Executive, Mr Ali Hasan - chairman of Ali Venture Group (to which the SULTAN divisions belongs), US Navy Commander (special guest) Mr Campbell. Other attendees included VIP guests, various ASRY board members as well as staff.

The main speach was given by Mr Abdul Wahid, SULTAN Chief Executive. He detailed on the visions of the company and its founders, as well as various service offerings that has grown over the years. Mr Abdul Wahid also highlighted the numerous satisfied high profile clients and the promise to continue the effort and relationship with ASRY for mutual growth.

"Through the facility, we are looking to offer greatly improved local services to both ASRY and our growing international clientele who utilise the yard for repairs and upgrades. The design of the facility allows for extended work spaces and advanced working environments for various workshops. Expanding the industry's pool of talent is no less important. With that in mind, the new facility is also expected to improve the local economy through job training and contribution to national income"

Abdul Wahid, SULTAN chief executive

SULTAN is a part of Bahrain-based Ali Venture Group chaired by Mr Ali Hasan. This work facility is his vision, for the continued expansion plan of SULTAN's growing service offering for the Marine sector.

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